Versilia costa Alpi Apuane
sea, sun, beaches,
sunsets ...
sea, sun, beaches,
sunsets ...
sea, sun, beaches,
sunsets ...
sea, sun, beaches,
sunsets ...

Versilia is a strip of land that is enclosed between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Apuan Alps in northern Tuscany. It is the ideal place to spend your vacation. You can relax on the golden beaches of fine sand, fresh up in their shallow waters, explore the ancient villages and cities full of art, taste the exquisite gastronomy accompanied by its excellent Km 0 POD (Protected Designation of Origin), enjoy nature in the park of the Apuan Alps, walking on mule tracks and ancient trails or sliding in a canoe in the waters of Lake Massaciuccoli.

Versilia will give you the history of the prehistoric people who lived in the hills. You will learn about the ancient tradition of marble extraction and processing. You will be enchanted by its Art Nouveau buildings and you will be fascinated by its historic center, its museums, and the magic of Carnival or the notes of the Puccini Festival.

You will fall in love with Versilia!


With its 30km of beaches of fine golden sand, Versilia offers infinite possibilities to enjoy a holiday by the sea.

Choose relax on the beach in one of its renowned seaside resorts surrounded by all its comforts. Or, if you like wilderness, the natural park of Migliarino San Rossore. Enjoy the sand dunes and the aroma of pines.

The coast of Versilia is also ideal for surfing and water sports lovers, such as windsurfing and SUP; And on windy days kitesurfing.

And, every day, as the night approaches, the sunset on the sea offers a spectacle of unique colors.


TREKKING in Versilia


The old mule tracks, which anciently served as a connection between countries, today has been transformed into a wide network of paths with more than a hundred routes, suitable for all and all difficulties.
Immersed in nature between the sea and the Apuan Alps, you will enjoy walking along the ancient paths, through forests and streams, former marble quarries and prehistoric caves. And following the footsteps of Sigérico along the Via Francigena, you can enjoy unique and spectacular landscapes.

Climbing in Versilia


More than 800 routes and dozens of areas with easy access and groomed trails. Practicing climbing in the valleys of Versilia will allow you to enjoy unforgettable days among cliffs, discovering the vertical view and also challenging your ability.


Enjoy the beauty of the Apennines and the Apuan Alps safely, from the river and torrential jewels that enclose the mountains.
You can practice rappelling in dry ravines and also in others where the presence of waterfalls, natural pools and slides  will demand you a diving suit and  will test your adrenaline level. A fun sport, suitable for all, where you descent with a rope, in a wild environment, through slides and waterfalls. Designed for people looking for a different day in a cool place in hot summer months,  away from the hustle and bustle of the beach.

E Bike Tour


The beautiful landscape of the Apuan Alps offers the opportunity to make dozens of “customized” itineraries and excursions that will fulfill all your needs. It is ideal for those who want to do recreational cycling, but also for expert cyclists who look for descents at full speed.
And then there is the Tyrrhenian bike path, which connects Viareggio with Massa through dirt roads, paths and bike lanes with short stretches of asphalt on its way to Ciclovía Puccini from Versilia to Lucca and Borgo a Mozzano. It will make you discover the beauties of Versilia on two wheels!


Kayaking on the Lake Massaciuccoli is an unforgettable experience! Glide silently along the channels among reeds, water lilies, coots, herons and different landscapes until you reach the lake. In the distance you can see the coast of Torre del Lago Puccini and, on the hills, the village of Massaciuccoli and if you look up, the Apuan Alps and the Pisani Mountains!


Versilia, the cradle of culture. The mines where Michelangelo chose the white marble for his works, art galleries, bronze foundries and contemporary exhibitions in Pietrasanta, also called “Little Athens”. The Season of Art Nouveau that extended to the beginning of the century, turning Viareggio into a precious pearl. The ancient mysteries of prehistory in the hills of Camaiore. Seravezza and its Villa Medicea, UNESCO Heritage. The Roman area of Massaciucooli. The village and the places of Giacomo Puccini and the historical evidence of Sant’Anna di Stazzema, and the museums of contemporary, archaeological and sacred art.

In February the Carnival of Viareggio becomes a fun factory, including giants made of papier mache, fruit of the local traditions, known all around the world for its parades, night parties, fireworks, dances, theatrical performances, gastronomic and important sport events.


The cuisine of Versilia is an unmistakable explosion of aromas and flavors typical from the Tuscany.

Two typical dishes: fish soup and Tordello; manifestation of the sea and the land, the beach and the hills, that characterize Versilia.

A culinary history of ancient flavors, genuine products and simple food. Giustagnana salami, clams, Gombitelli local lard and mortadella , Pietrasanta Schiaccioni beans, extra virgin olive oil POD (Protected Denomination of Origin) from the hills, are some of the products that form the taste of Versilia.


Piazza San Bernadino


Start the day with a good breakfast, on the beach. In one of the many beach clubs that offer the opportunity to enjoy a coffee and hot croissants looking at the sea. Then you can lie on the beach and relax reading a good book, take a walk along the shore or fresh up with a good swim.
And if you like sports, you can take a canoe or a rowing boat to reach the open sea, rent a surfboard or SUP and on windy days you can challenge yourself with kite surfing.

It is lunchtime, time to leave the beach and go inland, where you will discover the traditional dishes at a fine restaurant in the old town of Camaiore or Pietrasanta. In order to return to the coast you can rent a bicycle and enjoy the way back using the bike lanes. If you do not feel very tired you can continue pedaling until discovering the beauty of  Massaciuccoli Lake or the pine forest of Viareggio.

Finally, you can conclude this day with a tasty snack on the beach.

Versilia offers postcard sunsets.


The second day is the time to discovder Versilia from the high up, with an excursion to the Apuan Alps.

There are many possibilities to choose: from simple excursions of a few hours, to long walks during a whole afternoon or even several days. You can decide to do it alone or accompanied by an expert guide. For lunch you can stop in a shelter and try the typical food of the upper area of Versilia. In the afternoon we recommend you to stop in Pietrasanta to admire the artistic and cultural beauties of the city, or to see the Unesco World Heritage site Palazzo Medici  in Seravezza, or in Casoli in order to discover “Sgraffiti”.

You can end the day, with a delicious dinner by the sea, a bit of shopping in the luxury boutiques of Forte dei Marmi or among the Art Nouveau buildings on the Viareggio promenade.


On the third day you may choose to return to the hills to discover the villages that recall the memory of the last century and spend a morning in Sant’Anna di Stazzema, visiting the Ossario and  the museum of the resistance. In the afternoon you might  visit  Massaciuccoli Lake, which inspired the composer Puccini in his works and you can discover and explore the Roman ruins.

Or, if you love adventure, you can enter the biggest mountain cave in Europe, the Corchia Cave, to observe the rock concretions, stalactites and stalagmites.

Top ten #InVersilia

Versilia is your entrance door to Tuscany: from Versilia you can easily reach the main touristic attractions as  Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Cinque Terre.

  • Viareggio (1)

    …and its Art Nouveau and rationalists architectural treasures

    1. and its Art Nouveau and rationalists architectural treasures
  • Pietrasanta (2)

    … with its art workshops, bronze foundries and marble works

  • Camaiore (3)

    … and the culinary excellence.

  • Massarosa (4)

    … with nature trails around the lake and ancient Roman baths.

  • Seravezza (5)

    …with the Unesco World heritage site Palazzo medici and the natural pools of Malbacco

  • Stazzema (6)

    … with the park of the Apuan Alps and the geological wonders of Corchia.

  • Forte dei Marmi (7)

    …Luxury Shopping in Forte dei Marmi

  • The sunsets over the sea

  • 9. Take a section of Via Francigena on foot, by bicycle or on horseback

  • Versilia nightlife















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