• Experiencing the Sea

Public beaches

If you imagine Versilia as colourful cabins and huge expanses of umbrellas arranged geometrically, you might like to know that this is not the only option for experiencing the sea along this 30-kilometre-long coast. Versilia’s beach is not a privileged reserved for a select elite. There are, in fact, several public beaches in the various municipalities.

Here is the list of public beaches in Versilia:

  • Lecciona public beach: this is the largest natural free public beach in Versilia. The Lecciona beach is located in the town of Viareggio, near Torre del Lago. The beach is in its natural state with sand dunes and low-lying vegetation next to a large pine forest. It is part of the Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli park and if you feel like walking you will find it a lot less crowded.
  • Muraglione di Viareggio public beach: This is another fairly large free beach in the shipyard area of Viareggio. Both the beach and the parking spaces quickly fill up during the weekend in the summer: we recommend arriving early to place your umbrella by the sea.
  • Viareggio Pier public beach: located near the pier along the Burlamacca canal, at the end of the famous Viareggio promenade, this small beach next to the bathing establishments guarantees free and easy access for everyone.
  • Lido di Camaiore public beaches: Lido di Camaiore boasts two completely free beaches. The first, and larger of the two, is in front of Piazza Lemmetti, near Viareggio. The second smaller one is in front of Piazza Principe Umberto.
  • Marina di Pietrasanta public beach: continuing north, there is the free beach of Marina di Pietrasanta in Motrone, Via Lungomare Roma 100, which is equipped also for disabled people.
  • Forte dei Marmi public beach: the last free beach in Versilia is located in the town of Forte dei Marmi at Viale Italico 89, along the road for Massa.

Bathing establishments

If you want all the comforts and facilities, Versilia is full of bathing establishments, commonly called “bagni”. There is something for every budget, with umbrellas and loungers that can be rented for a day, a month or for an entire season. Some are more basic, offering only an umbrella and a couple of chairs, others have restaurants, swimming pools, cabins and other facilities up to truly luxury establishments with gyms, baby clubs and logoed towels. Often these bathing establishments have bars, games for children, table tennis and table football, hot showers and parking.

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Walking through the sea
Experiencing the sea in Versilia also means walking over the water! We are not kidding, in Versilia there are three pedestrian bridges and a jetty that allow you to look at the waves up close. These are: the pier of Forte dei Marmi, the oldest and with the deepest waters; the pier of Tonfano that is 380 metres long; the pier of Lido di Camaiore, which also houses a café-restaurant; and the pier of Viareggio, the only city in Versilia that has a port. Read this article to find out more: https://www.inversilia.com/passeggiare-in-mezzo-al-mare-inversilia/

Aperitif or dinner on the beach
Imagine a sunset over the sea, bare feet and a glass of wine in hand … all this in Versilia is not a dream but a reality! There are many bars and bathing establishments offering aperitifs and some even dinners next to the beach. Find them along the promenades of Viareggio, Lido di Camaiore, Marina di Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi … the options are endless! Add a local wine and you’re done!

Water sports
The sea can also be experienced from the point of view of sports with kayaking, windsurfing, water skiing and sailing. An original way to experience the sea is horseback riding along the beach, really impressive. As for surfing, Versilia is proud to have been one of the first Italian destinations where tribes of surfers have gathered since the 80s. Versilia is an ideal destination for surfing: the high frequency of the waves, the sandy sea bed and the south-westerly and north-westerly winds are perfect elements to learn the sport. One of the spots where you can see surfers riding the waves is the pier of Lido di Camaiore, while there are many schools in which to learn, from Viareggio to Forte dei Marmi.

Whale watching and fishing tourism
Not many people know that in Viareggio is one of the main departure points to see the dolphins and large whales up close offshore. Off the coast of Viareggio, in fact, there is a large group of dolphins that often performs dances and jumps. The dolphins can be reached on the boats of the cooperatives that organise day trips with marine biologists. For further information contact the CE.TU.S Centre which is based in the Marine Museum of Viareggio.
Another fun activity to experience the sea in Versilia is fishing tourism, created to focus on the beauty and the resources of the sea and to experience an entire day in close contact with marine work and traditions.