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Reaching Versilia is easy thanks to the public transport and motorway networks. Some villages that are further from the towns are hard to reach by public transport, so it is better if you have your own transportation to get around.

How to get here

By plane

The nearest international airport to Versilia is Pisa, about 25 km away. Major international airlines land here.

From the airport you can reach Versilia in various ways:

  • The CTT NORD – VAIBUS company runs an hourly service from Pisa airport to Viareggio, Lido di Camaiore and Pietrasanta. The ticket costs € 3.50- 3.50- 4.50 depending on the stop. It takes about one and a half hours get to the furthest of the three towns, Pietrasanta. The buses are labelled with a number and the final destination, in this case PIETRASANTA E25 and the main stops, such as Viareggio and Lido di Camaiore. We recommend that you purchase your tickets at the flight information office in the arrivals terminal (https://www.pisa-airport.com/it/i-passeggeri/trasporti/bus.html) before boarding to avoid surcharges on ticket prices. For info on tickets and passes see the tickets section (put linked word)

For more information on timetables write to info@versiliainfo.com or visit http://www.lucca.cttnord.it/Linee_e_Orari/Linee_Extraurbane/L/573

  1. From the PEOPLE MOVER train, which connects the airport to Pisa Centrale station about a kilometre away, you can take a train to the Viareggio, Pietrasanta or Forte dei Marmi – Seravezza – Querceta stations. Forty metres from the airport terminal is the People Mover station (http://pisa-mover.com/), where there is a train to Pisa Centrale every 5/8 minutes. The service operates from 6:00 a.m. to midnight. Information on times and ticket prices for trains connecting Pisa to Versilia is available at: http://www.trenitalia.com/
  2. Hiring a car. Here you will find all the information for rentals near the airport https://www.pisa-airport.com/it/i-passeggeri/noleggia-un-auto.html
  3. The taxi rank is located in the front of the airport on the arrivals side. The taxi fare from Pisa airport to Viareggio is € 70.
  4. C.C. At the airport (departures/arrivals terminal) there are two car rental companies with driver.

The international airport of Florence is about 100 km from the main towns of Versilia. In the transport section of the website you can find the main information: http://www.aeroporto.firenze.it/it/i-passeggeri/trasporti.html

By train

Versilia has four (cambiare l’italiano: le stazioni sono 4 e non 3 se non sbaglio) main train stations: Viareggio – Torre del Lago, Camaiore – Lido – Capezzano, Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi – Seravezza – Querceta. There is also a station in Bozzano (Massarosa) but at the time of writing it is closed for work on the line and is covered by replacement bus services.

Train tickets can be purchased online on the Ferrovie dello Stato website http://www.trenitalia.com or directly at the station (vending machines or operators).

By car

From wherever you depart, Versilia is well served by the motorway network. There are several options:

  • The Versilia exit on the A12 Genova – Livorno, for Forte dei Marmi, Pietrasanta, Seravezza and Stazzema;
  • The Viareggio exit on the A12 Genova – Livorno, for Viareggio, Camaiore and Massarosa;
  • The Massarosa exit on the A11 Firenze – Mare, for Massarosa and nearby towns;
  • The Pisa Nord exit on the A12 for Torre del Lago if you are coming from Florence or Livorno.

If you arrive from:

GENOA: take the A12 southbound until the Versilia or Viareggio exits.

MILAN: Take the A1 southbound to FIDENZA then join the A15 (CISA) to La Spezia, where you take the A12 southbound to the Versilia or Viareggio exits.

FLORENCE: A11 Firenze – Mare Motorway to Lucca, where it joins the motorway link for Massarosa and Viareggio.

ROME: A1 Motorway to Florence, then continue as described above.

By bus

Versilia can be reached by bus, but since there is not a national bus company, each region has different companies.

The local bus companies are:

Piazza D’Azeglio, Viareggio
Telephone 0584 30996
Winter opening hours (Mon – Fri) 6.40 am – 8.00 pm   holidays (Saturdays and holidays) 8.00 am – 7.20 pm
Summer opening hours (Mon – Fri) 7.00 am – 8.20 pm  holidays (Saturdays and holidays) 8.00 am – 7.20 pm
The winter opening hours run from 1 September to 30 June
The summer opening hours run from 1 July to 31 August

Piazza D’Azeglio, Viareggio

By boat

The dock of Versilia is the port of Viareggio, with more than 1000 berths.

For further information, please contact:

How to Get Around

To travel around Versilia there are several options to suit your taste and needs.

Public transport

Public transport in Versilia is operated by Trenitalia (https://www.trenitalia.com/) for trains and by CTT Nord (http://www.cttnord.it/) for buses.


 We recommend that you buy your bus tickets before boarding to avoid surcharges.

 You can buy a week pass for buses (valid from Monday to the following Sunday) for 1 – 10 km: € 13.30; 10-20 KM: € 17.20; 20-30 KM: € 21.10; 30-40 KM: € 25.90. They are nominal and therefore must be accompanied by an identification card issued at ticket offices after presenting the completed form with passport photo. The pass costs € 6.00 and is valid for three years.

Only in Viareggio there is a MOBILE TICKETING service for TIM, Vodafone, Wind and 3 mobile customers. For more information: http://www.lucca.cttnord.it/Biglietto_Sms_Viareggio/P/558

During the summer (usually 1 July – the end of August) the Versilia BY NIGHT service is available, a night bus that runs along the coast from Forte dei Marmi to Marina di Torre del Lago. The cost of the ticket is €5 and is valid throughout the night. In this period there is also the “direct” bus service that connects Florence with Versilia, with stops at Viareggio / Lido di Camaiore / Marina di Pietrasanta / Forte dei Marmi.

 Disabled users

Maps have been produced showing the locations of stops with wheelchair ascent/descent aids.
The maps do not show all of the available stops, but only those within the municipalities of Lucca, Viareggio and Camaiore where you can find the majority of the approved stops.
You can download the full list here: http://www.lucca.cttnord.it/Accessibilita_Utenti_A_Mobilita_Ridotta/P/535

Disabled passengers can also book the service at the Piazzale Verdi terminal by completing the specific form: http://www.lucca.cttnord.it/Assistenza_Pmr/P/597


If you are travelling by car, pay attention to the signs indicating the parking fee, the restricted traffic areas or limited traffic zones (ZTL), the street cleaning times and road closures.


An alternative and ecological mode of transport in Versilia is the bicycle, which is absolutely feasible along the coast line even if you are not trained because from Viareggio to Forte dei Marmi the bike path is all flat.

Real-time updates on Tuscan regional mobility in real time can be accessed Facebook onTwitter Muoversi in Toscana.

Useful Information


Pharmacy opening times: https://www.paginegialle.it/farmacie-turno/versilia


Map of free car parks in Viareggio: http://bit.ly/2UndQ3X

Mobilità Versilia Mover Spa Company: https://www.moverspa.it/

Useful Numbers

 General emergency number à112

State Police à 113

Fire department à 115

Financial Police à 117

Ambulance à 118

State Forestry Corps à 1515

Childline à 19696

Crisis Unit – Ministry of Foreign Affairs à 0636225

Public health emergency à 1500

CCISS Travel Information à 1518

Breakdown service à 803116

Coast guard à1530

Versilia Hospital Accident and Emergency à 0584 6051

On-Call Medical Service

The on-call doctor guarantees a medical service, whether at the clinic or at home, for illnesses that occur during the night or on holidays or on the days before holidays, when your doctor or paediatrician is not on duty.

On weekdays the on-call medical service is available 8 pm to 8 am the next day.

From 1 January 2018 the weekend service starts at 8 am on Saturday and finishes at 8 am on Monday.

During midweek holidays the service runs from 10 am the day before the holiday until 8 am on the first business day.

Important to know:

  • The duty doctor may prescribe medication for emergency treatment or necessary for the continuation of the treatment, the interruption of which could aggravate the condition of the person;
  • they can issue medical certificates if strict necessity, but only for a maximum period of three days, which cannot be renewed, until your doctor is present;
  • they can recommend hospitalization;
  • the medical service is free for residents in Tuscany. Citizens within the region but not residents are required to pay a fee of € 15 for a clinic visit and € 25 for a home visit.

On-Call Medical Service for Tourists

It is a seasonal health service provided for people staying in a tourist location, while not being residents.

Outpatient services are provided during the day, including holidays and the day before holiday. You can request an at-home visit, which will be carried out on weekdays only from 8 am to 20 pm; Saturday and before holidays from 8 am to 10 am.

For this service a € 8.00 ticket is required for the issue of repeat prescriptions, € 15.00 for outpatient visits and € 25.00 for home visits.

Contacting the On-Call Medical Service:

(excluding the Varignano area) ex Tabarracci office 0584 616777 
Torre del Lago 
(and the Varignano area) 0584 616778
Camaiore, Capezzano Pianore office 0584 616775
Massarosa 0584 616776
Versilia (Pietrasanta and Seravezza areas: Pozzi, Marzocchino, Strettoia and area bound to the north by the iron bridge up to Vallecchia) ex Lucchesi Hospital office 0584 616774
Querceta (rest of the Seravezza area excluding the villages assisted by Pietrasanta and the municipalities of Forte dei Marmi and Stazzema) Croce Bianca office 0584 616773